ABOUT Association Management ...

Association Management  was founded in 1994 to fill a niche in the administrative support services sector that had not been adequately addressed by either specialty services firms or temporary staffing firms. Specifically, we saw a need for organizations to have a full function office support staff and capability available, on a contracted or as-needed basis.  

For professional associations, clubs and other non-business organizations, the costs of maintaining a permanent office and permanent secretarial staff is prohibitive. One of our first clients was the Northwest regional chapter of the American Institute of Architects which needed a permanent point-of-contact location as well as periodic administrative support, and they remain a client of ours today.

For business organizations, dealing with special events, special meetings and the like represent excess workload that can over-tax existing administrative staff and produce less than optimum results. Temporary help is seldom a satisfactory answer due to training requirements as well as the increased demands on existing office equipment and capabilities.

In the late 1990's, Connie Demptster (the current owner of Association Management) came on board and added extensive bookkeeping and accounting capability to our skill set. We now provide full or partial bookkeeping services to many of our business and organizational clients. We've also enhanced our capabilities and established alliances with specialty service providers that allow us to offer a much wider range of services to include Internet and Web development/maintenance, limited graphics, and communications of all types.

We will continue to add to our capabilities to best fill our niche - and to efficiently and effectively serve your administrative support needs. That is why we started Association Management, and it is our on-going commitment to our clients.